Imagine you have a vision to go on holiday to Scotland, you’ve found where you want to go to – a beautiful place on the shores of Loch Lomond – lets call that your vision or goal. So you make all the preparations, book the lodge, take time off work and now all you need to do is get there. To know how to get there you need one rather key piece of information – where you are going to start your journey.

The awareness of where you are starting from determines the journey you’ll take towards your goal, if you are starting from Manchester you might take the train to Glasgow or drive up the M6. If you are going from York you might also take the train but you would be on the East Coast mainline not the West Coast, making your journey quite different. If you wanted to drive, once again the journey you take would be different as you would most likely go along the A1 or M1 North. Or you might make an entirely different journey by flying. So even though the goal or vision remains the same, how you get there changes dramatically based on where you start.

At Quest we listen to what you want (your vision or goal) whether that’s for employees to be engaged and connected to your brand, a fantastic conference that moves people to change their thinking or employees who are engaged and delivering your strategy. Then we help you know where you are and once we all know (and agree) where we are starting from, we put together the journey you could travel to reach your destination, or vision. Hence why we’re called Quest, we partner with you on your quest towards your goal…some say it’s a little cheesy, though we like to think it is not as bad as ‘Quest, because we’re more adventurous’!

Seriously though this is our passion and we are good at it. So our focus is to understand where you are (awareness) then creatively design and deliver a great campaign to take you on the journey towards your goal so you ACHIEVE the results or outcomes you want.


A goal is a destination. For any business to reach its destination, employees need to participate in the journey.

At Quest we map where employees start their journey towards achieving the goals of the business.

Because we know there will be multiple start points. And multiple goals.

By knowing both the start points and destinations we can build an engagement programme, that will help employees navigate their journey to meet those goals.

This programme then determines the type of messages and activities required to ensure employees are equipped on their journey, to reach their destination, your goal.

Route Mapping includes; development of the overall strategic requirements including, outcomes, objectives, metrics, context, research and insight. Development of a draft narrative for the business and the subsequent activities and services required – the engagement plan.



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