Engaging Phoenix Futures Employees In Their Corporate Story

Quest began work with Phoenix Futures, a Third sector drug and alcohol agency because Karen Biggs the CEO saw that the future of delivering services would require a shift to localism.

Karen knew that taking this new direction would have massive implications for Phoenix, not only organisationally and financially but most importantly in the mindset shift required across the company. Quest was asked to propose how we could support Phoenix implement the changes required. Our philosophy is that all successful change requires engaging and resilient leadership, so that they know what they need to do and who they need to be. We began with leadership strategy sessions, coaching the leaders to agree where they were going, how and what would need to change to get there and who they would need to BE to lead the organisation.

With the strategy in place and the leadership team united with their heads in the right space we then put into the mix an innovative 6 month leadership coaching programme to prepare and sharpen the wider leadership skills and behaviours. Then we made sure that there was a clear, simple and impactful communications strategy to share the changes with employees. This included a short video piece, facilitated team session, feedback loops and utilising the existing communication channels.

With the message and communication plan in place and being rolled out by the leaders, we turned our attention to measuring the changes. Using the Quest Leadership review tool, we measured how the teams felt the changes and leadership were changing and then led team workshops to co-create new actions teams could take to keep implementing the changes, both physical and cognitive, that were required to ensure a successful business transformation.

“Working with Quest has been a key, perhaps the key to our successful transformation. Having access to the range of expertise, creativity and passion that they have to offer was brilliant. We didn’t need to look elsewhere for the various elements they had it all in the Agency. And of course it was great fun working with them they know how to get things done and make the journey enjoyable at the same time.”

Karen Biggs – CEO, Phoenix Futures


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