Realising The Value of RSA Insurance Customer Transformation

When we began work with RSA we were keenly aware that they had recently been through an award winning brand transformation. Quest was now being asked to help them shape how they could bring to life their new mission and purpose of ‘Keeping you Moving’ and how to engage employees in living the brand. With our usual drive and passion we began work on engaging employees in sharing their ‘Moving Stories’. The idea was so simple but immensely powerful – uncover and then share internally and externally employees personal stories. The simplicity of it was that the stories were everyday things that an employee of RSA did to help keep a customer, colleague or community moving. We designed a competition to help drive up the number of stories submitted and organised a ‘reveal’ session to all employees. This was followed by the creation of a managers guide with examples of what made a moving story and also hints and tips on how to run a team meeting aimed at drawing out their own moving stories. The consequence was that the stories soon came flooding in.

The strategy was a success with huge numbers submitted and many revealing the emotional as well as functional side of what RSA is all about. The winning stories (as voted by employees) were turned into copy ads and used externally as well as displayed internally. This generated real pride and when the yearly Gallup survey came, the results around understanding mission and purpose had taken a significant shift in the right direction. For us it was a pleasure working with the Internal Communications and Marketing teams and the further complexity of working across 28 countries only added to our creativity and drive to deliver something special.

“Quest brought the drive, passion and team spirit the programme needed. Their strategic expertise was crucial to developing a plan that took into account the complexity of working across nine different time zones and dozens of cultures. Also their ability to build relationships easily enabled them to create an internal network to deliver the project. Finally, Quest’s strategic thinking, creativity and attention to detail were invaluable in producing the shift in scores in our annual survey and served as the final evidence of the projects and Quest’s success.” 

Oliver Strong – Head of Internal Communications, RSA Insurance Group


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